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Stephen Peaslee is a Tampa-based product designer advocating for users since '06.

Product design

Orchestrating end to end experiences from protos to MVP to product

Cross functional

Making big design ideas happen through persistent collaboration across teams

Big picture

A wide skillbase helps me to understand and work with the complex relationships of the gestalt

02 Stories

Latest Design decks

Latest work in the process of getting converted into design stories. Read the slide decks.

Spotify Ads

A slide deck telling the story of my experience creating a platform design system for Spotify

View Figma deck

Uber Enghome

Concepting and designing a solution for Uber internal developer documentation

View Sheets deck

Design stories

Setting up a platform design system

View Project
Building a design system

View Project

Reimagining Hiring

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Symphony industrial
Industrial IoT product design

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04 Resume

17 years experience


Seeking opportunity
Systems design, Product design

Excited for new design challenges in 2024,
tell me about yours - perhaps I can help!


Spectrum (Charter) | Staff Designer

Supporting operations and design at Spectrum, partnering with systems and design team to enable Figma platform libraries and collaboration tools.

  • Supported Self Serve team providing file starters, templates, and platform components
  • Built and managed a platform library in collaboration with Kite Design System
  • How-to guides, tutorials, and support for designers
2022-2023Jul - Dec

Spotify | Product designer

Worked with Ad Studio platform to research, plan, design and implement a platform library for Spotify product designers and UX writers to leverage for existing and future designs in Figma. Work included:

  • Conduct design research to identify pain points in Figma workflow
  • Define scope of project, and ideate on potential solutions
  • Enable designers with templates, file organization and tools to improve workflow
  • Build and enable a platform library that represents present state of application and scales utilizing Figma conventions
2022-2022APR - JUL

FBN | Product designer

Lead designer for crop marketing services for farmers and grain buyers

  • Small product focused teams working closely with developers and data science.
  • Solving complex business challenges rich in Agricultural context.
  • Working with PMs to plan app roadmaps and conduct prototyping, researching and concepting.
2020-2022AUG - FEB

Uber | Product designer

Designed a home for internal documentation used by developers across Uber

  • Designed alongside an engineering lead, a PM and team of five developers
  • Planned roadmap and features, interviewed and validated with user groups
  • Owned independent workstream and created end to end UI designs for application
2019-2020OCT - APR | Product designer

Planned, organized and operationalized a new design system

  • Worked on DSM team - team lead and 2-3 designers collaborating with large design/dev teams
  • Created scalable framework for design throughout the organization
  • Added efficiency to the design process, and consistency to the development process

Helped launch Local Expert advertising platform and ads

  • Worked on DSM team - team lead and 2-3 designers collaborating with large design/dev teams
  • Created scalable framework for design throughout the organization
  • Added efficiency to the design process, and consistency to the development process
2019FEB - OCT

SymphonyAI | Product designer

B2B app experiences for new or early stage AI-driven products

  • Managed independent workflow and worked with PMs and product owners
  • Collaborated with subject matter experts to understand and solve the right problems
  • Foundational design and substantial contributions to over 6 applications
2016 - 2019APR - APR

Microsoft | Design integrator

Helped deliver Windows 10 on a team of cross-functional design-focused developers

  • Contributed to the Design System in building out component library in WebCore
  • Developed and managed OoBE - out of box experience for users starting Win10 first time
  • Worked with a small team to deliver Retail Demo Experience seen in retail outlets globally
2014 - 2015NOV - OCT

R2integrated | Designer

Designed for West Cost office of Baltimore-based R2i on a Microsoft account

  • Worked with a cross-functional team to manage accounts and deliver creative
  • Fast-pace work creating MS illustrations, designing email campaigns, and designing UI
  • Helped deliver a San Francisco event, large Microsoft Learning projects and more
2013 - 2014OCT - NOV | Product designer

Improved experience and brand for over 4 Asia Pacific travel brands

  • Sat with a marketing team in Bangkok and collaborated with offices internationally
  • Roadmaps and improved experiences for travel booking sites and content portals
  • Oversaw email campaigns, branding, feature planning and product aspects of various brands
2012 - 2013SEPT - OCT

Keller Williams | Designer

Managed brand, digital and communications for KW team ranked #7 internationally by volume

  • Worked on a high end residential realtor team, collaborating with subdivisions, publishing & vendors
  • Oversaw the production of magazines, digital open house tours, website, mobile ads
  • Launched new subdivision brands and helped an already successful team improve their numbers and strengthen core brand
2011 - 2012AUG - JUL

Risingline | Design developer

Long-term relationship with digital agency working remotely on design/web projects

  • Early mentor in web development, providing learning opportunity to build websites for clients
  • Experience design for mobile and web projects, brand identity work, and other design
  • Wide variety of clients from wineries to corporate agriculture, trucking industry to IT
  • Visit
2009 - 2012JAN - SEPT

Visual Lounge | Design Lead

Brick & mortar start-up design and development shop serving the local community

  • Family owned company run by myself and friends with various technical interests
  • Oversaw design of healthcare, e-commerce, and local business websites
  • Successfully carried out diverse projects at a high quality with a small team
2008 - 2010JAN - MAY

Visual String | Design developer intern

Filled-in for design and development work for a small web shop

  • Performed content updates, bug fixes and performance enhancement on corporate AG websites
  • Designed UI and provided assets for new incoming web projects
  • Brought better interface design to a small firm, busy with core development asks
2006 - 2007JAN - SEPT


Jeremiah Long

Microsoft Web Developer II

"Stephen was one of my favorite people on our entire team...His out of the box thinking, and design oriented background enable him to see solutions other devs are oblivious to."

Via LinkedIn

Bolun Yang

Microsoft Senior user experience designer

"Stephen has a very good sense on design so it's been a breeze to communicate UX intentions to him. He pays great attention to details, executes with accuracy and efficiency, and excels in identifying UI defects. He is a reliable and valuable asset to the team, especially in times of stress. "

Via LinkedIn

Rick Munster

Debt Reduction Services Advertising manager

"I've worked closely with Stephen over the last several years on a handful of important graphic design projects for my company. He has an excellent eye for detail, hard work ethic and top notch communication skills. I look forward to continuing to work with him as additional projects arise."

Via LinkedIn
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