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Symphony Industrial ai

Symphony Industrial ai
Industrial IoT product design


Experience design for industrial
monitoring & predictions

Symphony Industrial ai offers a prediction and monitoring software for assets within industrial environements such as factories or refineries.

I worked with teams to design the experience and UI. We worked with subject matter experts to understand the domain and how we might build an application to better meet the needs of factory workers and foreman.

Initial sketches
& meetings

Understanding the app and domain

Through whiteboard and conference sessions, we listened, asked questions, and sought to understand the current state of things and greater vision.

Quick and dirty
hi-fi wireframes

Quickly adding clarity

Time is always of the essence. Our engagement in the project was prior to an upcoming Microsoft demo. We reorganized the UI and agreed on new flow using wires.

dark theme

Initial screen designs

Once our wireframes were established, we designed a skin to give some visual design to the front end of the demo.

Development progress

New features & development

Over time we were engaged by various team members as data and product aspects moved forward, to implement new features and screens.

Dark to Light Theme

Exploring identity

Once our wireframes were in a reasonable state, we explored new logo design, typography and color. For our V1 demos we used a dark theme UI, but moved to light after experimentation.

Light theme V1

Responding to feedback

Over demos, validations and feedback, we learned many things. One was that users prefered lighter theme and less-dense UI for readability.

Light theme v2

Moving the concept forward

Through further iteration, designs were refined and a v2 UI was established.


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