Releasing Win10

Project details

The connection between design and development

I spent '2013-14 worked on Microsoft projects through the agency R2i as a vendor, and in '2014-15 I worked at Microsoft directly on a year contract as a Design Integrator on the Windows team in Redmond helping release Windows 10.

Our team was made up of highly skilled designer/developer hybrids with the goal of bridging the gap between development and design teams. We worked in development roles, but on design oriented aspects where we could collaborate with other departments as-needed.

During my time at Microsoft, I was utilized on a great number of exciting projects and initiatives leading up to the release of Windows 10. I helped build the back-end of the Windows store, worked extensively on first-run experience, managed and built core CSS framework used throughout OS, and developed a demo experience that was shipped with Windows and seen in retail outlets worldwide.

*Please note: most of the work on Win10 I was unable to share actual project screenshots due to NDA.

Insights Await


Microsoft was holding an event in San Francisco, called 'Insights Await' where they would create an infinity room, showcasing technology in an art-installation style exhibit showing off big data visualizations. The Baltimore-based agency R2i was contracted to help Microsoft on marketing and execution for the event.

I worked with an East-coast art director, and UX designer, and local Seattle project manager and social team. Microsoft hired us to help them develop more awareness around the campaign before, during and after, as well as create a digital experience with MS branding that is carried from digital to the physical space.


Our teams collaborated between East and West coast, and came up with a campaign concept to pitch to Microsoft, which was accepted and implemented for a successful event.

The concept included a pre, during and post concept where social networking would be leveraged at all points of the process, keeping the excitement going, and maintaining a consistent experience throughout the lifecycle bridging print and digital.

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